20 Most Fit Male Athletes

So there are quite literally billions of people scattered across our globe, some of which have no lifelong aspirations for fitness - much less daily.
On the other hand, some people make it a mission to be the absolute pinnacle of their physical craft: whether it be professional sprinters, football players / soccer players or elite level wrestlers...they aspire daily, and sometimes even down to planning every waking minute of a weekly program to dial in the specific programmed results. This collection of athletes is who we consider to be the best of the best in terms of physical fitness. We call them Unorthodox Athletes. The list we put together has no bias, and is fair in all aspects.
But what's it take to become an athlete?
Many people are born with physical inclinations (naturally fit) that benefit them in most fitness and sports related endeavors, but that doesn't necessarily mean that a person can be born athletic or an athlete. You need to study your craft, perfect your most obvious mistakes, learn how to do everything. That means being versatile and comfortable with anything in your craft, like passing with your weak hand in basketball or catching the football over the shoulder vs. turning chest to catch with palms out, or shooting a wrestling takedown with your opposite side leg. You have to train and commit to become an athlete.
Athletes know that it takes time, patience, and a large amount of effort to perfect their craft. If it were easy to walk up and play in the NFL everyone would do it. Time and the commitment are what normally drives people away from becoming that 1% when they can't invest all the time or don't commit to it. These Athletes have decided long ago, some since their age was a single digit, that they want to be the best of the best.

20 Current Most Fit Male Athletes 

20: Paul Rabil - Lacrosse

 A stallion on the field at 6'3" and 220lbs, he's a fierce competitor and a 2x NCAA Champion. He's easily one of the fittest and most Unorthodox of any Lacrosse player. If you want to get better at Lacrosse you would study his play and recreate his exercises for optimal progress. He was even top 15 in Sports Illustrated's 50 Most Fit Male Athletes in Sports.

19: Alex Ovechkin - Hockey

There's no chance of missing "Ovie" standing in a crowd, much less when he's standing on ice. Team Captain and arguably the best Hockey player in history with a physical stature of 6'3" and floating above 235lbs that's absolutely terrifying on ice rolling at you like a freight train. His routine includes traditional weightlifting and conditioning, with years of perfecting his game.

18: Novak Djokovic - Tennis

 When it comes to most fit; admittedly tennis isn't the first sport you comb through for top athletes. But when you consider what it takes to hold the #1 Ranked spot for 200 consecutive weeks - he's definitely cut for the list. His success on the court are because of his gluten free diet he adopted to, as well as his rigorous 14-hour a day spent training! He even moved a training camp to Abu Dhabi for the extreme heat.

17: Kendrick Farris - Weightlifting

 Kendrick Farris is an Olympic weightlifter from the United States, who back in 2016 broke a record by lifting 209kg clean and jerk! That's some raw power considering he's a vegan powerlifter. He's a multiple time Olympian and a true inspiration of phyisical fitness capabilities. 94kg is 207lbs, that's only 15 pounds more than I and he is arguably four times as strong. That's Unorthodox!!

16: Steve Langton - Bobsled 

 Another Unorthodox sport with a very fit athlete, with 2 Olympic bronze medals in Sochi. He stand tall at 6'2" and weighs upward of 220lbs. He can move that size frame over 70" with a quick jump! He loads his workout routine with a few heavy leg exercises and explosive plyometrics for powerful legs to push the sled. The perfect combination of exercise for strength and speed in his sport.

15: Vernon Davis - Football

 Vernon Davis is a true freak of nature, an absolute Unorthodox Athlete! A quick search shows videos online of him benching 300lbs like it's warm-up weight which makes sense of why he can plow through defenders and stay on his feet like a bull. Back in 2010 you can see him lifting about 500lbs on the bench! Did we mention he's a whopping 6'3" and he weighs roughly 240lbs - as a receiver!

14: Dustin Myers - OSU S&C Coach

 Coach Myers has an amazing amount of explosive power and strength in his frame of roughly 170lbs soaking wet with boots on. But his ability to do pretty much any calisthenic exercise with an absurd amount of weight is why he's on our list. He's not Coach Myers Gut Check for no reason. He's also a fantastic strength coach and an even better inspiration, and that's what we're all about here at Unorthodox Athletics.

13: Donnell Whittenburg - Gymnast

 Donnell Whittenburg is a multiple time U.S. National Champion, and even has a World Bronze Medal. His strength and fitness undoubtedly come from his insane body control and constant posture and positioning in gymnastics. The amount of time it takes to perfect a routine is an incredible workout itself and at his level, he wants it more than it hurts.

12: Henry Tuilagi - Rugby

 When he's running full speed at 6'1" 280lbs Henry is like a missile low to the ground ready to explode it's target. He runs the 100m sub 11 seconds and he also benches about 250kg for reps which in our opinion for a rugby player - opponents need luck! Don't expect a helping hand on taking this guy down from us.

11: LeBron James - Basketball

 He isn't named the king for no reason, and at 6'8" 250lbs he is a definite force to be reckoned with in the NBA. He credits his combination of proper dieting, a strict practice regimen that he follows 5-7 days a week, along with exercising and even some versaclimber and other classes that are beneficial to his fitness. This 14x All-Star's explosion and power on the court are almost unmatched!

10: Gennady Golovkin - Boxing

 Also known as GGG, this Kazakhstani professional boxer has some very impressive bouts in the ring and his success is largely because he keeps on top of his shape year round. He trains for a fight even when he has no fight scheduled day in and day out. He is a heavy hitter and he has the highest percentage of knockouts for any boxer updated last around 89%!

9: Khalil Mack - Football

 Right from our very own area in Florida this NFL star is the perfect combination of strength, speed, agility and power. He is already averaging above 55 tackles a season and is well on his way to Hall of Fame status. He exercises with traditional weightlifting and loads of KB & sled pushing for that necessary tackling power. He focuses his time to perfect his craft by studying his film and tackling his weaknesses.

8: Cristiano Ronaldo - Soccer

 This International superstar is a face of the game of soccer, and for good reason. Although his frame might not be intimidating, he is one of the most conditioned and versatile athletes with excellent agility and complete control of every movement. He incorporates fitness into his life and it's likely a crucial factor of why he's so athletic. He doesn't limit training to training times - "Abs when you wake up or before bed and you can build a routine that becomes habit."

7: Jordan Burroughs - Wrestling

 He is in the conversation when it comes to the greatest Wrestlers of all time, and although he fell short in Rio 2016 and at the World Championships he fell short of his Gold Medal - Still earning a Bronze - He is on par for another run at the Olympics in Tokyo 2020. He is one of the most explosive wrestlers on the planet and can explode through opponents on a takedown from any angle at any point in any situation. He's that good. When he finds his rhythm we are sure there will be a trail blazing to the podium in Tokyo 2020, and all he will see is Gold.

6: Julio Jones - Football

 This man is a machine on the gridiron, and a prototype 6'3" 220 making him a perfect frame example of a large wide receiver. He is also mentally ready for war, back in his combine days he ran a 4.39 with a broken foot and an amazing broad jump of just under the World Record of 11'3". That screams Unorthodox and he's definitely one of the most fit athletes in our time.

5: Ashton Eaton - Decathlete

 This American decathlete and two-time Olympic champion, who holds the world record in the indoor heptathlon event. He has a string of notable victories that start back in 2012 and they are all on the World or Olympic level. Some of his accomplishments include: 100m Dash-10.21. Long Jump-8.23m. Javelin Throw-66.64m. Those all require different muscle groups completely and he competed with elite and highly competitive athletes.

4: Usain Bolt - Track & Field

 The fastest man to have ever run in our opinion, he is known for visibly pulling off his acceleration at the end of races so does he ever even fully sprint? That's insane to consider. He has a perfect frame for running with long legs at 6'5". He has a blazing world record in the 100m dash of 9.58 seconds. He has some awesome variations of plyometrics that include agility and explosion.

3: Matt Fraser - Crossfit

 When it comes to creating a list of the fittest athletes, we can't skip over Athletes who create a sport for lifting - Crossfit. Matt Fraser has been a staple in the community of avid lifters and Unorthodox Athletes for years and is currently ranked as the #1 Competitive lifter in the Crossfit World. He fixed his diet and dedicates himself to the craft for the necessary results. Crossfit is a fitness competition in essence, so if he's #1 there.... He's on our list.

2: Kyle Snyder - Wrestling

 In the Wrestling world, we call him Captain America. He is already an Olympic Gold medalist by the age of 20. He absolutely wears at his opponents and grinds them down in the 97kg weight class - but his social media videos boast videos of him squatting 500+ pounds or doing any lift with any amount of 45's on either side of the bar. Yeah, this guy is a work horse. Absolutely the second fittest man on the planet.

1: Kyle Dake - Wrestling

By far our most Unorthodox Athlete on this list, and perhaps the fittest man alive that's currently in competition sports. The catch - he doesn't lift weights. That's right, arguably the fittest man on the planet doesn't even lift. Instead he follows a growing trend in exercise understanding and programming that goes by the name of Functional Movement Practitioner or Functional Patterns. It's a combination of real world situational exercises and bio-mechanics across multiple planes of the body. Quickly searching his highlights will yield nothing but fantastic film of an explosive wrestler that's agile, strong, technical and dominant. He is a physical embodiment of the Unorthodox and we go as far as saying he's the fittest man alive.


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