Don't give away Your Power

Is it necessary to have a specific routine that you stick to when it comes to getting out of bed in the morning, completing mundane daily tasks or even working? It's probably good to have a little bit of a good rhythm going to be in a comfortable routine for efficiency and personal habits - but not for things you deem important such as high levels of competition, training, lifting generally, or your technical abilities.

Don't think because you didn't get to do a hand ritual or pray like you always do, that you will perform any less than if you did. Don't have a lucky phrase or conversation with a friend or coach you rely on. Don't have your favorite garment that you swear makes you do better... You are the routine, you are the comfort, you are the lucky piece of equipment, you are that self-conversation and you are the Power! That's the biggest mistake whether it's a shirt, socks, lucky necklace etc... Don't give anything else the power over you and your spiritual/emotional stability. A long while ago whenever I would get frightened by a 'ghost' my father told me that "My positive energy alone is too much for a ghost to exist in the same presence as me" and that amount of confidence in himself and his energy made me calm and feel comfortable. I carry that same energy with me everywhere I go to this day, and not in an arrogant way that's offensive or unpleasant. I know both exactly what I know, and exactly what I don't. I am not afraid of negative energies and I don't feel weak or alone when I stand by myself in the crowd. I'm comfortable in competition and I don't need any extra hype, routine, lucky item or special rituals to drive me to be there.

I want to be there. In the trenches; the battlefield. I'd love to go to war in the middle of the coliseum and I want to put everything I have on the line for the sake of seeing what I'm made of.

That right there, is how you don't give away your power. Among the crazy and Unorthodox methods I use for training, I love intermittent fasting. I have run 6 miles at 7- Minute pace after 24 Hour fasts, as well as cutting weight like an unhealthy hospital patient. I am the power that keeps my body in motion and just the ability to breath gives me life and energy. I truly believe in positive self talk to build confidence and to restore the power to yourself. If you think you need a wristband, or that elbow sleeve - put a weight on your 'special' item and watch the weight go nowhere fast.

You on the other hand, move the weight. You solve the problems, you overcome the fears when you face them. There isn't anything that you cannot do in this life. Give yourself That power.

Your mind is Your Power.

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