Mental Strength

Small portion from the mental strength guide in our app finishing soon!

week; Go at your pace! Consistency is key when all other variables can change. I like to find my body's quitting point and congratulate myself for making it there, smile; and keep on working. If you are upset or just plain miserable while training then you need to re-evaluate your self talks. I don't get to 6 of 12 reps and think "Man I might not make it".... I think "When I'm done I might do an extra rep so it's easier next time". That extra rep turns into extra strength that you turn into an extra rep again and the cycle continues.

Mentality is key; be a fearless warrior in pursuit of your goals. Even if that goal is looking good in a suit or being a fit stay at home parent. When you reach the quitting point in each workout, replace the quitting thoughts with positive thoughts and try to complete the thought. "..finish this set, one extra rep, what's one more.." After all, what is ONE more rep? UA

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