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All it takes is a push
Sometimes, motivation can come from the most unlikely of sources - a compliment from a stranger, random energy from the universe, or even internally from places you didn't think you could pull from. Sometimes in life we all end up in a grueling situation that really tests our gut, and the only way we truly get through is that Unorthodox motivation. Use perspective and optimism to motivate you, that's one of my favorite tools. I absolutely love the ability to measure the situation and motivate myself accordingly. 
Now in the fitness world, combat sports and any setting with competitive energy - Sometimes your motivation to complete is an actual physical push. Sometimes it's the urgency to complete a lift you fail, or push a weight you haven't touched yet. Finding a why that excites you in life, and gives you a reason to wake the alarm clock up in the morning is a good motivator. Wrestling is that motivation for me, I would wake up 4a.m. to get Wrestling Sessions 6 days a week if I could. If you know your why, mold goals around it that better you and quite like they say JUST DO IT.
Unorthodox Athletics represents mental strength, and a few other principles we Strongly believe in: but we understand there are mental health and other issues that people can't just up and release or get over... Years ago I had anxiety about putting on the right clothes - to go outside to play, for school, weightlifting, walking around the house; I know what it feels like to not have control. But the understanding of not being in control turned the page for me and I was able to let it go. I knew I hated "a certain" shirt at a "certain" time, so I made it rational that all of my clothes were mine, and I can wear them at any point regardless of how they made me feel at one point. With that internal motivation, I ultimately gave up my anxieties and that dreadful 30-minute yanking on my heart between why one shirt doesn't look right to go out and play in or for school the next day.
If you need a helping hand, or a coaching bark - Don't hesitate to reach out to us via e-mail or through or messenger. Sometimes it's just as simple as a good job or a reminder for motivation.

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