You may set a goal, but passion carries you to it like the torch bearer for the Olympic Games. Plain and simple don't set goals you aren't passionate for, you end up dragging yourself to the finish line rather than having an inspiring force motivating you to finish.

People who spend the time to perfect their craft even when the benefit doesn't warrant the effort - that's passion. The ultimate drive to do something you truly care about regardless of the World's "value" on it. If you're passionate for fitness and you are working a 9-5 job you hate...why not try to make your passion your job? That's what sets normal people apart from passionate individuals.

If you truly are passionate about what you do, focus on that; Your happiness always wins even if you may not. And chasing passion to create happiness, in my opinion, is another key to success in life.

I was once at a crossroad in my life where I didn't know how I was going to balance doing what I loved and working a job to continue that... I turned that passion into what I can offer the world and it became my job. Now I can safely say that I have made a career solely off my passion, and beyond that I haven't actually worked a day of "work" in over a year now.

Passion is the Power and Light of the Stars that scorch through the Universe. The immense amount of energy produced by our Sun daily is what warms our planet and shines light on our lives.

You can have a Passion like the Starsin the sky, you can be this world's Sunshine. Find your purpose.

Find your Passion

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