We believe it is very important to have a base set of beliefs, that no matter how hard you get knocked down; you only fall as low as those principles will allow. Our Brand ideal is to help create a community of individuals as well as teams, that focus just as much time of their training mental strength as they do with all aspects of physical training. If you default to a weak mental thought regardless of how strong or prepared you are - you likely just lost your confident edge. Don't lift weights and hate the process, you have to love what you do and know why you do it along with being critical on mechanics... it absolutely keeps you focused and safe while training! 

Strength - A measure of how much stress any specific portion of your body can handle and not break; can be physical and or mental. We all know what it takes for physical strength, but mental fortitude turns a human into a tank.

Focus - Unlocking your true potential is nearly impossible without laser focus. Focus helps you to achieve your goals as efficiently and accurately as possible. A good test of focus is how often do you do a task, and think/focus completely on the task at hand: Sweeping the floor do you sing and dance or are you focused on the dirt and areas you've already touched? We know which helps you do a more efficient, accurate job.

Mentality - It all begins and ends with mentality! You don't start something without it and you likely won't finish anything difficult or worth while without it. There is no right or wrong mentality; you just need to be positive more than negative. It's perfectly acceptable to fail and have problems or challenges to overcome... it's how you respond and handle those things as well as your mental talk before, during, and after. Positive self talk is a great, huge component to a strong mentality. Encourage yourself on the inside, there's no need to hold on to negative energy in life especially self-inflicted.

Unorthodox Athletics stands for those things - but we don't just stop there. We stand for listening to those who can't overcome problems, and helping those around us that aren't quite as fortunate to be strong physically and mentally. We believe that everyone has an infinite amount of potential and sometimes they just need a good push or even just a listening ear. We want to create a community that feels like family, to everyone! You don't even have to step out of your way to be nice and helpful, there are chances everyday on your own path.




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