The Art of Wrestling

The basic point of wrestling is to control your opponent. Regardless of their technique, efforts and even strength sometimes you must overcome the challenge and find a way to successfully win the competition.

But what is wrestling, really?

Wrestling is a true battle of preparation, and willingness to endure anything for that victory. How you train is how you perform, down to the smallest of details such as breathing and thoughts during training. There are many variables that make up a great wrestler - strength, speed, footwork - just to name a few.

The entire difference is that a strong, quick and agile person is not a wrestler...but a wrestler is all three of those traits without really trying for them specifically. Lifting a person your own weight, and scoring technique points against a defending opponent are how you get strong, fast and agile.

In essence, wrestling is a battle of the technical-tough man. Who knows how to transition through the positions and command control with their powers better than an opponent. If you are naturally aggressive; you're at an advantage for wrestling. The best part of wrestling is the most intimidating factor - you compete alone. Win for glory by yourself, or suffer for the shame of defeat by yourself. Yes there are team aspects of the sport...but you compete alone. One on one. Mano e Mano.

That's why some guys avoid it like the plague, claiming that their coach says they can't play a second sport. If your coach really doesn't want you to pick up a sport that will better your hand, feet, and overall coordination as well as speed and power then they are just selfish and trying to keep athletes to the program they're building.

Wrestling is beautiful, absolutely awe-inspiring. The techniques when hit correctly at the Elite level are something of a work of art straight from a museum. The motion of each wrestler is what wrestling ultimately is. Offense and defense, you must be more of every possible variable in any given moment to win.

Take-downs in itself, is both technical ability and an art simultaneously. The ability to level change and blast through an opponent with just two-steps is absolutely incredible! Transfer that into MMA or the gridiron and that's a pretty mean athlete.

If you've made it this far reading, I recommend one more thing for you if not already; find a club and go wrestle. The lessons you learn and the technique that is covered even at regular high school level in some practice rooms is equivalent to some elite level athletes - just try your best and learn everything you can! Wrestling can be your favorite hobby or it can just be another sport you do but in any case it will always make you better as long as you give an effort.

If you really think about it, Wrestling is an Art.

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