The Line

Yeah you want to succeed, but are you willing to put your heart out there...

...on The Line?

Sometimes you have to give everything you have with the knowledge it may not be good enough: that's The Line. Be happy to have the opportunity for an attempt, hold your head up in losses and be humbled even in your success, like they say every dog has it's day. True successors and real winners know what it's like to aim for success in anything and come up short, re-think your approach and put in necessary work to change your situation and outcome.

The best part about putting everything on the line for something you're passionate for, is that you can truly test yourself and see exactly how you fare vs. what you assume will happen. I imagine myself cleaning 335lbs. all day long, but when I actually try and fail I understand I'm not there yet and re-attack the goal from a different angle.

The big lesson to learn is that if you always give your best effort and lead with your strong foot the chance of success goes up - put it all on the line. Scared of losing? Forget it about it. Quite literally. You either win or you learn, and that's the put it on the line mentality.

If you feel like a champion and aren't quite yet there... it's all about constant motion. In wrestling the harder working competitor wins. Are you constantly working towards those goals, and when it's your time do you really give your best effort? Those are some things to think about before you beat yourself up in defeat or after a failure.

When you put everything on the line, it feels great to know you have something to care about with every fiber in your body. It feels even better to succeed. And it feels best when you inspire those around you, simply off your dedication to becoming your personal best. Aspire to be your best, every day in every way!

Put it out there on The Line.


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