While it's important to have a mentor or leader who knows how to relay relevant and important information, sometimes it's not about what they have to offer but more how they see it. 

A leader with vision, is much more effective in the transition of dreams to reality and goals into deadlines. You'll be able to feel the energy vibrating off a person who's a great leader, it's just natural. 

A good leader knows what he's talking about in his craft, but a great leader plans how to get his vision to completely come to fruition. Beyond the people you look to for advice and motivation, you need to have vision yourself. 

You should know why you're walking up early (or late) and remember to check off small tasks as completed. Keep vision and focus in the 'why' aspect of things in your life as some unnecessary things may be holding you back. 

If you have a roof over your head and food daily, you're doing alright in life so don't beat yourself up just yet. Just because your name isn't up in the lights or in every household yet, doesn't mean it can't be. 

Find your reason, keep your vision locked and chase your target. Success is simply refusal to accept failure as the last effort. 


Don't fear failure

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