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What is an average shipping time for my order?

  • You can expect your order fulfilled within one week's time and shipping time is 3-7 days. Average wait time for product is currently just around 2-weeks.
  • Large orders and international (Non U.S.) shipping add a few days on either end of the process.

Are there any extra fees or charges associated with purchases?

  • No. We are required to charge standard tax and that is in every transaction.
  • Information collected upon purchase of our items such as contact information or shipping/billing addresses is used solely for order functions.
  • Shipping information and payment methods accepted are visible, and calculated before you make your purchase.

    Do you have a sizing chart?

    • We do! Most mock-up shirt images are size M. The model is approx. 6'2".
    • XS - 16 ½" | S - 18" | M - 20" | L - 22" | XL - 24" | 2XL - 26" | 3XL - 30"

      How do you come up with designs, and decide what to print?

      • Countless marketing hours spent researching trending styles and clothing patterns that are stylish and attractive. Then the ideas are brought to life and molded into exactly what customers want!
      • We also kindly request suggestions and design tips as sports and athletics are our passions; We lack degrees in graphic design. But we definitely take our time to ensure quality printed apparel that's both durable and stylish.

          How do I go about sending in a custom design I want on a shirt?

          • It could be just a special 1/1 Tee for your significant other, or team shirts with your custom design - Let Unorthodox Athletics do the heavy lifting and design/print process you just rock the gear!
          • E-mail your design to with a quick description of your idea and we will have it put on the site within 24 hours most cases.

          Can I become a part of the community you are striving to build?

          • *This is how you can make $100, or MORE!*
          • Of course! We are looking for a helping hand in any direction from fellow athletes, fans, followers, friends and any combination of. E-mail us at and we will disclose with you our Affiliate Marketing Program and ways to benefit from growing our brand!
          • Sign up for the e-mail subscription list for business updates monthly as well as deals, new fan-fav items, and chances to win free gear!

              I don't see my favorite color? You guys don't have it!

              • Don't sweat! We have access to plenty of colors just use the button at the top to message us the color and potential shade you have in mind and we'll be happy to make an addition for you! NO Up-charge!
              • Men's & Women's designs can be put on either garment upon e-mail request - More garments to choose from coming soon!

              What exactly is the community you're trying to build?

              Check out our blog to see


              • Fundamentally it's about athletes trying to be the absolute best version of themselves; hence the Athletics portion of the name - But the ideal is universal and is adapted for people in every hobby, profession and passion. Be the best version of you absolutely possible. And sometimes that means embracing the Unorthodox. All individuals are unique, so we should fully harness that to our advantage and that's the real idea behind the community we'd like to create.
              • There are simple factors that separate Unorthodox Athletes from the rest of the pack: Strength | Mentality | Focus. We harness all three of those in our mind when we train and even more so in everything else we do. Humans are incredible machines! Exercise is a way to prepare your body to perform in extreme situations, and be able to handle much more stress - physically and mentally - than people who don't train.
              • Our biggest principle is Mentality. Those who train it, show. Their mental toughness shines bright like the sun in a desert. Whether it's positive self-talk or tracking the fact that you are progressing and being able to handle more of life's stress; work on your mental strength and mentality. It can and likely will literally change/save your life!

              You didn't answer any of my questions! Why can't you read my mind?

              • We knew you were going to say that. As with all inquiries, you can e-mail us with your question.
              • We also have our Facebook Messenger synced to the Website so you can directly message us any time of the day! We will respond ASAP, most cases in minutes but typically within 4-Hours. Just click the blue button at the top of our page.


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