Why Wrestling?

Wrestling is one of the oldest forms of both sport and combat combined. It is safe, practical and very effective in those necessary situations. Wrestling also is one of the greatest ways to get strong and be in shape: it's incredible as a workout. It teaches character and will-power, along with some other crucial life skills that help at all stages of life! As self defense, wrestling is good tool for controlling others if need be or defending yourself.

Wrestling has so many benefits, it's very cost efficient and your whole family is invited!! Do our free trial week, and after a few days you'll be signing up for the club!

The open club setting of wrestling is aimed for wrestlers of all ages and ability levels. The objective of the club is to develop athletes into a more technical, smarter wrestler. We will emphasize technique as well as cover the tactical approach; various match strategies, and an overall understanding of the sport of wrestling. Learn techniques of one of the oldest sports in the world as well as becoming disciplined, determined, and goal-oriented to become a future CHAMPION on and off the mat!


Help your child have an edge on competition as well as better the chance of receiving a scholarship to college with wrestling experience before High School. It's also an Olympic event still, and has a professional circuit created as of 2018. I've had the pleasure of coaching a plethora of nearby athletes into fierce competitors, many are currently state-ranked and state-placing wrestlers. 


Club Focus Beginner/Advanced:

  • Basic Fundamentals

  • Winning Take-down Techniques

  • Pinning and Scoring Combinations

  • Escapes, Counters, and Reversals

  • Winning Strategies and Goal Setting Techniques

  • Drilling

  • Live Wrestling




Currently, there are no extra fees or requirements for wrestling. An AAU/USA Wrestling card is an option if you're interested in competition. The wrestling program is located at Adrenaline Martial Arts in Vero Beach.


Very flexible schedule for private coaching available. For committed athletes, we also can set up 20-60 private session package or we can offer a yearly package, contact for rates. 50% Up-Front is necessary to schedule these packages.


Private Lessons are geared for those who want a smaller setting or even one-on-one with instruction and fundamental practice. The best way to learn is through pure wrestling with a coach and listening to the advice being given.

For more information please contact Coach Brian Topp at 772-626-1467.

If you're interested in joining the club or private lessons, click here or please contact via phone, e-mail or Message us with the Facebook Messenger in the top left corner! 


This is a family friendly environment and all are invited and welcome to give wrestling a try. Youth wrestling, adult wrestling, recreational sport or competitive training available.