Refund Policy

What's the refund policy if I purchase any items I don't like?

  • Whether it gets damaged in shipping or you don't like the item - Unfortunately we won't be able to refund the cost of your purchase. We will however step up to go above and beyond in delivering you a product you can be proud of. We will ship out an item of your choice, similar in price for most cases.
  • Certain items we can't accommodate sending you a replacement or similar item, so we will give you a Large discount code.


We'd like to make it right if you for any reason buy a product and want your money back, so please be aware we don't offer a refund but we will replace with an updated design if yours is faulty and even a new one if you cannot stand the one you purchased.

  • Faulty designs - send us proof pictures and keep it we'll replace it, our fault!
  • You absolutely don't like it? E-mail us and we'll swap it out just ship it back to us. No use in losing good product, we love our designs and will wear them happily!
  • Contact us via E-mail or phone at (772) 626 - 1467.